Gecko Logic Energia Solar

Tijuana, Mexico

We are a Mexican based company that designs and builds photovoltaic solar generators for the, residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and special applications sectors. We have the support of the best manufacturers worldwide and are certified in Mexico by CFE, FIDE, SAGARPA and the CSLB in California USA.

Some of our products and services:

Solar systems for interconnection with CFE (net metering)
Interior LED lighting
Solar systems for rural electrification based on solar batteries
Solar LED street lamps
Water heaters or solar boilers
Thermal solar systems for heating swimming pools
Solar Power Kits
Solar powered DC refrigeratos and freezers
100% solar evaporative air conditioners and coolers
Wind Turbines or wind generators
Photovoltaic solar pumping and irrigation systems
Submersible and surface direct current pumps

For more information about our products or services do not hesitate to contact us at 664 258 8491, 664 601 7545 or our website: